Mihama American Village

mihama american village chatan okinawa japan

Most shopping in the central Okinawa town of Chatan is focused around Mihama’s American Village. With its massive landmark Ferris wheel American village is easy to spot. Not far away from U.S. military bases Kadena Air Base, Camp Lester and Camp Foster it’s no big mystery how American Village got it’s name.

Featuring a wide variety of restaurants from fast food places like A & W hamburgers, Starbucks, and Baskin Robins, to more traditional Japanese and Okinawa establishments or international cuisine such as Thai or Indian food there is something for everyone’s taste if you are looking for a bite to eat.

American Village also has many stores for shopping, from tiny bead shops to mega department stores like Jusco. American Village is well known for its movie theater featuring Western and Japanese movies making great date spot. Mihama’s American Village can’t be mentioned without talking about its bustling night life and street performers that top off the total atmosphere of this little slice of American culture on Okinawa Island

With all of these alluring qualities American Village has become one of the top destinations for tourist, local Okinawan people, and Americans living on Okinawa. American Village draws almost 1 million visitors per year and employs over 3,000 locals. It is constantly expanding and adding more new exciting shops and activities.

Ferris wheel

 Serving as the main landmark for the Chatan area it’s hard to go to Mihama’s American Village for the first time and not take a ride on the giant Ferris wheel. Each ride lasts for about 15 min. and gives you a chance to get a clear view of the entire area which can be helpful to get orientated if it’s your first time to Mihama. Rides cost 500 yen for adults and 300 yen for children 4-14 yrs. old.

Seaside Square

 Yet more eating establishments can be found in Seaside Square as well as containing a large bowling center, a game arcade, karaoke, and of course more stores. Seaside square is located Northwest of the ferries wheel and is easy to find, just look for the large Sega sign above the entrance.


Dragon's Palace

 Another large two story building Dragon’s palace has many stores for shopping and exploring. The highlight of this complex is its many arcade games. Divided into different areas there is a section where you can find the typical games you would expect to find in an arcade, then there is a space specializing in kiddy games for the younger members of the family. If you like to win or loose your money you can try out the part of Dragon’s palace that contains Japanese Pachinko and Slot Machines, but be careful it doesn’t take long to burn through 10,000 yen when your having fun or trying to win your money back.


Mihama 7 Plex movie theater

 Home to a seven-screen movie theater and adjacent to Starbucks, this modern theater offers stadium seating and stereo sound. Featuring Japanese and Hollywood movies with Japanese subtitles, it’s a great date spot or fun place to take the family for a night out. 

Click Here for Show times, prices, and directions


Jusco shopping mall

Jusco can best be compared to Wal-Mart in America but a bit more upscale and a bit more expensive. It’s a favorite place for many families to go on the weekend as you can buy almost everything you need in one spot. Many tourist from Asia also like to head to Jusco to pick up Japanese goods and name brand items at reasonable prices.

The main intersection of Mihama's American Village is home to a seven-screen movie theater, a Starbucks and street performers who sing, dance or display magic tricks



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