Ishigaki Sightseeing & Activities Guide


kibara bay ishigakijima okinawa japan Kabira Bay
With its emerald green and blue hues Kabira bay is considered one of the most beautiful places in Japan and definitely on the top of the list for Okinawa as well. Swimming in the bay is not allowed due to the fast moving tides, but glass bottom boats
ishigaki culture park yaima okinawa japan Ishigaki Yaima Village
experience some real Ryukyu culture. The village is an authentic replica of a Yeayama Island style village as it would have been before modern influences, complete with live animals roaming about...
 ishigaki-jima limestone caves japan Limestone Caves
These limestone caves took over one million years and besides coral they are also composed of sea eggs, univalve shell, polyzoan, foraminifera, bivalve, and lime alga. Similar limestone caves can be found in many different parts of Okinawa...
 shinei park peace bell ishigaki okinawa Shinei Park World Peace Bell
Rung during the International Day of Peace. There are three world peace bells located in Japan. The other two bells are in Wakkanai City-Hokkaido and Osaka...
 miyaradunchi ishigaki samurai house okinawa Miyara Dunchi
A Ryukyu style Samurai house is a rare find on any of the Okinawa islands as most were destroyed in the battles of World War Two. Miyara Dunchi is a prime example of how noble members of the Ryukyu Royal...
 tamatorizaki observation point ishigakijima okinawa Tamatorizaki Observation Point
Some of the most beautiful views on Ishigaki Island. The platform located on the east side of Kin Peak at the base of the Hirakubo Peninsula allowing you to see...
 banna park family fun ishigaki Banna Park
Perfect place to have a picnic or to simply explore. For the more active types it is a great park to go for a bike ride, run, or walk. For hikers and nature enthusiasts the park...
 tourjin temple ishigakijima okinawa Tourinji Temple & Gongendo Shrine
Both these sacred structures were constructed in 1614. Tourinji is a buddhist temple part of the Myoshinji sect of Rinzaishu. The statues in this temple are the last remaining ones on all of the Okinawa Islands...
 ishigaki awamori museum south japan alcohol Awamori Museum
Guests to the Awamori Museum get a chance to learn the unique process that awamori goes through to get its distinct Okinawa flavors with explanations of the making process and distillery tours...
 yaeyama museum ishigaki islands Municipal Yaeyama Museum
Over 5,000 artifacts from all the Yaeyama Islands also displays of many items with great cultural significances to the people in the most southern part of Japan. A great chance to get a glimpse into the past...
 malaria memorial stone - battle of okinawa memorial stone Malaria & Battle of Okinawa Memorial Stones
Besides respecting and remembering those who perished these stones represent Yaeyama’s, Ishigaki’s, and Japan’s desire for world peace. Each year on the anniversary of the end of The Battle of Okinawa...
 yaeyama peace memorial museum ishigaki islands okinawa japan Yaeyama Peace Memorial Museum
Near the end of World War Two, the people of the Yaeyama Islands suffered greatly from an outbreak of Malaria when forced from their homes into the jungles causing the death of over 3,000 people...
 ishigaki palm trees Yonehara Palm Tree Groves
With many walking trails leading through this palm forest it’s the perfect place to go for a stroll and a real tropical island feeling. See Yaeyama Palm, designated a Japanese National Natural Monument...
 toujinbaka ishigakijima okinawa Tojinbaka
A lavishly ordained grave dedicated to 300 Chinese laborers who died in a mutiny. Headed for California their ship ran a ground on Ishigaki-jima, many of the workers where shot dead by the pursuing British Navy...
 minsakogeikan textiles ishigaki traditional crafts Minsa Kogei Kan
The Women of Yaeyama have a long tradition of weaving special patterns on Misa textiles as engagement gifs for new husbands. These days the enterprising Women have taken to making of bags, interior accessories...


North Okinawa Tours

 JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Northern Okinawa Tour
On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's third largest aquarium), Ryukyu Mura where you can experience living history, and many more exciting places. Lunch included.
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JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Nakijin-jo Castle World Heritage Bus Tour
On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Cape Manza, Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's third largest aquarium), Nakijin-jo Castle, Nago Pineapple Park. Lunch included.
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JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Okinawa Marine Walk from Nago (Departs at 9:00 am)
Enjoy walking underwater through Okinawa's clear ocean by simply putting on a special helmet which draws air from the surface, you can breathe normally even while underwater and explore Okinawa's beautiful coral reefs.
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JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Okinawa Jet Skiing, Banana Boat & Super Mable Tour
Enjoy all 3 of these thrilling marine sports out on the open water. 
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Miyako Islands Hotels & Resorts

 Location  Rating  Hotel Name
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Hotel Atoll Emerald Miyakojima
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Miyakojima Tokyu Resort 
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Hotel Breeze Bay Marina 
 Miyako Is. 5 star hotel Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA