Ryukyu Festival 2009 in Osaka

 The Ryukyu Festival started in 1974 in Osaka Festival Hall.
It stopped for 20 years but since 1996 they have been doing it every year.

2009 Kumwejima Marathon Application

The Kumejia Marathon will be held on October 25th 2009 at the Kume Nakazato Municipal Stadium rain or shine. In this event the runners are working towards national health development of physical strength (from beginners to veterans). Anyone is welcome to join the "FUN RUN". The event aims to promote health, foster healthy youth and middle aged men and women in order to improve physical fitness through sports events. This tries to promote friendship and harmony to the islanders.

King Sho Hashi - Dynamic Ryuku

 On August 28th at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, the play 'King Sho Hashi - Dynamic Ryuku' was performed. King Sho Hashi, the first king of Okinawa, looks back on his life and accomplishments as a ruler in this play featured by 100 performers from  mostly high school-age cast from Okinawa, Hawaii and Southern California.

Okinawa’s new diet beer

Orion Beer Company rolls out its new product on the September 8th. 
It’s good news for Beer Lovers!

Naha Airport Lounge Hana

If you get stuck in the airport during a typhoon or bad weather, I would recommend you spend an extra 1260yen to find a place to relax at the airport. Lounge Hana at the Naha Airport offers you a lounge area, free soft drinks, rest booth, shower room, bathroom, business corner, internet and printer. Alcohol is an additional charge.


Pork Kingdom Okinawa

 Have you been to Makishi Market?
If so I’m sure you have seen many pig head. Okinawa is one of the large consumers of pigs in Japan.
Okinawan people eat pig from head to tail. It is no exaggeration to say that the present-day Okinawan diet begins and ends with pork. The stomach and innards are cooked together in a clear "Nakami" soup.
The liver and heart, together with vegetables, make "Motsu" (giblet) dishes.

Typhoon Krovah hits Japan!?

On Sunday, August 31st typhoon Krovanh (No. 11) was moving west-northwestward in the Pacific Ocean.
The typhoon, named after a Cambodian tree, was nearly 160 km south-southeast of Hachijo Island, about 300 km south of Tokyo, at 9 pm Sunday with a maximum wind velocity of 144 kph. According to the Meteorological Agency, the central pressure is 980 hPa and the maximum instantaneous wind speed near the center is 40 meters. There were waves of up to 6-7 meters near the Izu chain of islands as well as the Pacific coasts of eastern and northern Japan.

Ryukyu Festival ’09 in Tokyo

 On Sep 20th Ryukyu Festival 2009 will be held in Tokyo at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo.
This will be the 14th anniversary of the Ryukyu Festival in Tokyo. The event will be hosted by Okinawan comedy duo Garage Sale and featured a performance of eisa and Okinawa’s traditional dance. The musical acts included Toru Yonaha, Kariyushi 58,Parsha Club and others. There will be even a performance by Seijin Noborikawa the professional Sanshi player. 

7,300yen.person for a ticket

Purchase ticket at

What is Kachashi Dance?

During Okinawa festivals, or an Okinawa wedding and all other places you might see Kachashi dance.
Kachashi dance is danced when the people of Okinawa gather together to play sanshin and sing old folk songs (and drink awamori!). During a party or a festive event, people will get up and dance. They wave their arms back and forth and step up and down to the rhythm.  At a festival, people dance to the sanshin and taiko drum.

Let's take a look at real Okinawa Kachashi Dance.

A boy saved a school in Hatoma

A boy saved a school from closing in Hatoma Island.

Yogurtland in Okinawa!

 On July 1st Yogurtland opened in Chatan, Okinawa and another just opened on August 19th on Kokusai Street.
This is the first Yogurtland in Japan.

Yogurtland is a franchised frozen yogurt shop. They offer almost 40 different flavours of frozen yogurt and
almost any topping you want! There are about 60 shops in the world like Arizona, New York and Hawaii.
Mmm... Frozen yogurt is such a nice treat!

How to rent a car in Okinawa?

Driving a car in another country could be difficult but if you know how, it could be fun and very useful,
especially if you can rent a car in Okinawa for a really reasonable price. Why not rent one?

We have special page for how to rent a car. So please go and take a look at it.


Okinawa Soba

 When coming to Okinawa, the dish you have to eat is Okinawa Soba.
Okinawa soba is a type of noodle soup. It may be called "soba or suba", although it is different from buckwheat noodles known as soba in the rest of Japan. Instead it uses wheat flour and the flattish noodles that look pretty much like Kishimen or Udon noodles.

The 20th Nago Youth Eisa Festival

 On August 16th over 8,000 people came to see the exciting 20th Nago Youth Eisa Festival.
The festival was held at Nago city Athletic Field. The Festival started off with children’s Eisa and finish with Kachashi dance. Everybody in the field danced together and had such a great time.

Asian Youth Exchange Program in Okinawa

 August of this year, the Cabinet presented the Asian Youth Exchange Program to Okinawa.
Young people gathered from Okinawa, mainland Japan and other Asian countries to share their experiences
and participate in discussions. 76 students stayed in the Itoman youth house for three weeks.

The program started August 6th and ends on the 27th.

North Okinawa Tours

 JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Northern Okinawa Tour
On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's third largest aquarium), Ryukyu Mura where you can experience living history, and many more exciting places. Lunch included.
  >> Details
JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Nakijin-jo Castle World Heritage Bus Tour
On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Cape Manza, Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's third largest aquarium), Nakijin-jo Castle, Nago Pineapple Park. Lunch included.
  >> Details
JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Okinawa Marine Walk from Nago (Departs at 9:00 am)
Enjoy walking underwater through Okinawa's clear ocean by simply putting on a special helmet which draws air from the surface, you can breathe normally even while underwater and explore Okinawa's beautiful coral reefs.
  >> Details
JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Okinawa Jet Skiing, Banana Boat & Super Mable Tour
Enjoy all 3 of these thrilling marine sports out on the open water. 
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Miyako Islands Hotels & Resorts

 Location  Rating  Hotel Name
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Hotel Atoll Emerald Miyakojima
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Miyakojima Tokyu Resort 
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Hotel Breeze Bay Marina 
 Miyako Is. 5 star hotel Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA


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