Okinawa MICE Project 2012 (1)

"Burning sunset♪(what an old song!)"...This beautiful sunset makes you sing the song automatically.

okinawa sunset 

This picture is from Cafe Terrace of Bankoku Shinryokan Resort MICE Facility.


On Monday night, "Okinawa MICE Night" of "Okinawa MICE Project 2012" was held at Bankoku Shinryokan and I was at Cafe Terrace as an interpreter.


I cannot show you other attractions held at other halls of Bankoku Shinryokan unfortunately, but I would like to share some pictures I took from Cafe Terrace with you!

okinawa songs 


The guests at Cafe Terrace really enjoyed Western-style full course dinner. When "Okinawan "Tankan" Orange Sherbet" was being served, Ryukyuan music live performance started!


Several Okinawan folk songs including "Tinsagunu Hana" and "Asatoya Yunta" enchanted the guests with such a beautiful, prolonged voice.

okinawa dance 

The guest of a Philippines group I was attending at never missed the best timing shot of the beautiful ladies with Bingata Kimono.


And finally, "Okinawa MICE Night" ended with fireworks display!

fireworks okinawa 

I hardly finished announcing "Very shortly fireworks display will start!" before all members of the Philippines went out onto the terrace and set the chairs for best view! Wonderful, joyful people!


In the air above Underwater Observatory, multicolored fireworks were displayed one after another to conclude this big event spectacularly. 

okinawa folk dance 

In the lines where staff were seeing off the guests, there were members from a traditional taiko group called Sosaku Geidan Requios, who performed Yotsutake Dance, lion dance and Eisa dance in the Summit Hall.

okinawa dance 

Everybody was smiling gently at a child who got scared by Shishi lion.


I hope all the buyers from home and abroad fully enjoyed delicious cuisine at first-class hotels in the north, traditional performing arts of Okinawa, Okinawan folk songs, and breathtakingly beautiful ocean view from the MICE hall to realize the immense values in the resort island of Okinawa, MICE island of Okinawa


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