Complete Guide to Okinawa Japan


Where is Okinawa Japan Map Okinawa Japan is located Southwest of mainland Japan and is the southern most prefecture for the country. The Okinawa archipelago is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the East and the East China Sea to the West.. To get to Okinawa Japan it is about a 2.5 hour flight from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Naha Airport. Okinawa Japan consists of the main island known as Okinawa Honto as well as hundreds of smaller islands that span over 1000 Kilometers from the bottom of Kyushu Prefecture all the way to Taiwan.
Okinawa sits at the same latitude as Hawaii, Florida, and the Bahamas. This ideal geographic location makes Okinawa Japan a popular resort and beach destination. As Okinawa is the only subtropical place in Japan, this means beautiful flowers bloom year round in the islands temperate climate.


The Okinawa Islands
Okinawa is the 47th Japanese Prefecture and consists of the large main island (Okinawa Honto) where the capital city Naha and the largest airport Naha Airport is located. The main Okinawa Japan Island acts as the transportation hub to the other 161 Ryukyu Islands. The Okinawa Islands are usually grouped into four main areas; Okinawa Honto and the islands neighboring it, The Miyako Islands, The Kerama Islands, and The Yaeyama Islands including Ishigaki Island. All of these different Ryukyu Islands have their own culture, traditions, and unique ways of life.
Okinawa Japan Map


 Yaeyama Islands Map Okinawa Japan  Miyako Islands Map Okinawa Japan Maps  Kerama Islands Map Okinawa Japan


Tour Okinawa Japan

Half Day Diving Intro in Okinawa (morning) Okinawa Kerama Islands Morning Half Day Introductory Diving Tour(From Naha)
Qualified English speaking diving instructors will take you under the beautiful and clear blue ocean. The perfect chance for beginners or people with no diving license not to miss Okinawa’s colorful coral reefs
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 Northern Okinawa Bus Tour Northern Okinawa Bus Tour
On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's second largest aquarium), Ryukyu Mura where you can experience living history, and many more exciting places.
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Okinawa Japan A Special Place

Okinawa Japan was once an independent nation known as the Ryukyu Kingdom, a small but prosperous nation renowned for its trade relations between China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. The result of forming such close trade relations with so many nations is a unique Okinawan culture that differs from the rest of Japan on many factors such as food, music, and religion.
Okinawa Japan is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear cobalt blue and emerald green waters that contain some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Activities like SCUBA diving, snorkeling, kite surfing and other marine sports are very popular on Okinawa all year long.
The increasing ability for resort hotels and other facilities to accommodate non-Japanese visitors as well as being a very safe destination and the natural beauty of the Okinawa Japan Islands now means Okinawa is a must see destination in Asia. Most people who come to Okinawa Japan find a land where tradition is still very much alive, people are friendly, and culture can be learned and shared.


Videos Of Okinawa Japan

Gyokusendo Cave
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Makishi Market
Naha Kokusai Street Ryukyu Mura
Okinawa World Nakijin Castle North Okinawa
Eisa Performance Heiwa dori Mt. Yonaha
Naha Great Tug-of-War Araha Beach  Hedo Misaki


Okinawa Japan Beach Guide

Okinawa Japan offers a huge variety of beaches and recreation centers to kick back and relax. On Okinawa Island you're never more than a stone's throw from a beach. Okinawa's beaches are mostly sandy with gentle slopes and shallow shores.

The islands of Okinawa Japan are covered with beaches that range from large resort beaches to the private or public beaches perfect for a BBQ or beach party. Some beaches on Okinawa also feature a rare type of "star sand". Out of the many beaches on Okinawa some are rather popular and easy to find, and others are secluded and hard to reach but many have sandy white shores and sparkling clear waters.

North Okinawa
North Okinawa Beaches

Central Okinawa
Central Okinawa Japan Beaches

South Okinawa
South Okinawa Japan Beaches

Yaeyama Islands
Yaeyama Islands Okinawa Beaches Japan

Miyako Islands
Miyako Islands Beaches Okinawa Japan

Kerama Islands
Kerama Island Beaches Okinawa Japan



North Okinawa Tours

 JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Northern Okinawa Tour
On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's third largest aquarium), Ryukyu Mura where you can experience living history, and many more exciting places. Lunch included.
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JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Nakijin-jo Castle World Heritage Bus Tour
On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Cape Manza, Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's third largest aquarium), Nakijin-jo Castle, Nago Pineapple Park. Lunch included.
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JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Okinawa Marine Walk from Nago (Departs at 9:00 am)
Enjoy walking underwater through Okinawa's clear ocean by simply putting on a special helmet which draws air from the surface, you can breathe normally even while underwater and explore Okinawa's beautiful coral reefs.
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JTB Okinawa Japan TOurs Okinawa Jet Skiing, Banana Boat & Super Mable Tour
Enjoy all 3 of these thrilling marine sports out on the open water. 
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Miyako Islands Hotels & Resorts

 Location  Rating  Hotel Name
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Hotel Atoll Emerald Miyakojima
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Miyakojima Tokyu Resort 
 Miyako Is. 4 star hotel Hotel Breeze Bay Marina 
 Miyako Is. 5 star hotel Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA